Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Need to start getting a head count for the cooks.   Here's who I've got so far:

1.  Josh
2.  Mullowney
3.  Myers
4.  Pete
5.  Phil
6.  Rob
7.  Skip
8.  Tim
9.  Vernon

Stuart will not make it because he's taking the story of the Wrigley Field Blowjob Gesturer on the road:

Because it never gets old.

Hizzoner Ian is also going to miss because he's up for re-election April 5 and hopefully will be getting sworn in again about the time we're on the river.  Some shenanigans going on with his opponent by the way:   Dirty Developers

Have not heard from Kirly, Cronin, Rob Cannon or Brother Jack

Continuing to work our way through the Fall pics., here's the approach to, and lunch at, Tim's favorite gravel bar of all time:

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