Monday, April 10, 2017

Trip Week

Jim Myers' dad died unexpectedly this weekend.  Very sad news for Jim and the RRCC.  Condolences from all of the rivermen, who are your brothers.  We will stop and recognize both you and him at the appropriate time this weekend.


Current roster, presumably without Myers, would be 9 paddlers.

Thanks to recent additions to our fleet, we are in good shape for all-solo paddling:

Rob H. - blue Dagger
Skip - wooden Old Town
Vernon - Grumman
Tim - own boat
Josh - own boat
Mullowney - own boat
Cronin - own boat
Phil - own boat
Pete - own boat

For those of you meeting at my house we will leave at 7:00 am on Friday.  

We will be stopping at the Bucksnort Trout Farm in McEwen on the way, where we will catch our lunch that we'll fry up in Big Daddy once we're on the river.

They normally open at 10:00 but have agreed to meet us at 9:00 am Friday so let's be punctual with our departure because that only leaves time for about one beer and ice down stop.    Bring a fishing pole if you have it.   They rent them there but it's better, easier and cheaper to bring your own.   Also, they'll clean the trout we catch for $1.00/fish, which is a 500% increase over the going rate at Beaver Creek in 2000.  Next thing you know they'll be charging for corn!

Who is picking Pete up at the airport?

Rob H, we'll come by your house on the way west or meet you at trout farm unless it's you picking Pete up.

Vernon, will you meet us at the put-in?   Maybe you never left!

Mullowney is picking up Proud Mary tomorrow and the assumption is he will meet at the put-in also with his canoe.

I picked up the trailer from Josh so if you've got a canoe that goes on it drop it off sometime this week (Vernon I have one loaded for you).

Phil, bring Old Glory when you drop your canoe or bring it with you on Friday.

Tim may or may not have to pull out Saturday which could affect our lunch situation.

Jim has a message for 2017.

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