Wednesday, April 12, 2017

More Trip Week

Tim is out now, also due to family reasons.   However, our water wheel craftsman, Chris, is going to come along on the trip so we're still at 9 souls.  Apparently Proud Mary comes with a service contract as well!   Tim's canoe is already on the trailer so it will be easy for Chris to just use that.

Small correction from last post:  those of you who were meeting us at the put-in should actually meet us at the Bucksnort Trout Ranch.   9:00 am Friday.   Rob is picking Pete up at the airport at 8:20 so they will meet us at the put-in.   We'll try to have the shuttle run by the time they get there too.

Hot Rods and Cadillacs have confirmed they will let us use their private landing for our take-out Sunday.   They said they will "dummy" the lock on the gate so if you pull up first it should open.  Not the same kind of dummying that Ol' Bert and Ike Atterbury made to trick Sam Sowell and got Davis Birdsong stomped. 

I was trying to decide whether to bring the Chuck Box or not, which is a very useful item as a command center to run these trips out of.  I was leaning toward not bringing it to save space.  Then I tried out the new river accordion for size and the decision was made for us.

Vernon has located some wild mushrooms and is bringing them on this trip.  Not that kind of mushroom.  They are morels, and Rob promises to work them into the menu.

Here is the rest of the menu for the weekend: (from Pete)

Friday dinner:

Rotisseried chickens on Proud Mary

Shrimp fried rice with tasso and turnip greens

Bourbon and pie for dessert

Saturday dinner:

Lamb or goat on Proud Mary, not sure which one yet, but it'll be some real Semitic tribal riverman shit

Stir fried greens a la Charlie

That white trasher dessert you rivermen like with some more bourbon

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