Monday, April 16, 2007


On Friday we will leave at 4:00 p.m. from Barton Avenue or we will meet you at the designated Friday night spot. Which has changed.

Instead of camping at the "semi-public" put-in, which made some of the more law-abiding members of our club nervous, we will stay in bunks at the Boiling Springs Hunting Lodge which is just five miles from the put-in and two miles from the take out.

Here are the directions:

Take I-65 north to Exit 65 which is "31W - Munfordville"
At the bottom of the exit ramp go LEFT toward Munfordville
Go 1.5 miles to the town square
Turn LEFT at the town square (i.e. in front of the court house) onto Hwy 357
Go 1.8 miles and turn RIGHT onto Hwy 2185 (more of a right fork than a right turn)
Go 7.0 miles to the BOILING SPRINGS HUNTING LODGE on your right.

That's all you need, but just get to the put-in continue past the BS Hunting Lodge another 2.0 miles (a total of 9.0 from the right turn onto Hwy 2185) and turn RIGHT onto Hwy 31E and then a quick left (about 1/4 mile) onto Hwy 566. The put-in is in 3.0 miles but is totally unmarked. It's a steep, 4x4-only gravel pull-down to the river at Lynn Camp Creek.

Sunday: I can't tell you exactly when we'll be back but I can tell you it's a two hour drive back to Nashville (not counting the Sunday shuttle). Beyond that I don't know because I don't know where we will stop on the river. This section is new to me and picking a campsite is going to be stressful. Rivers, by their nature, are pretty much one-way and we'll have to be careful about passing decent campsites in hope of finding a slightly better one.

Having said that, the entire trip is only 12 miles. Assuming we won't begin looking for a campsite until about the half way mark we will never have more than two or three hours paddling to get to the take-out. In fact, our safety net is at the take-out itself. Watkins Island is one giant gravel bar and we could camp there if we get too picky and find ourselves at the bridge Saturday afternoon.

My prediction is we'll get back around 3:00 on Sunday, but that can be affected by all of the above.

Cooks: the lodge should make Friday night cooking even easier. I'm sure they have a grill. You can call the number on the sign. Ask for Brent. Beer guys, this might be a good time for a keg.


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