Monday, April 09, 2007

Nice Rack

It turns out our #1 challenge on this trip is going to be getting boats to the river.

First, the Chevy Suburan got turned into a Ford pickup. Then we learned that the Vanderbilt canoe trailer won't be available to us the weekend of the 20th-22nd. With those two developments alone we've lost a combined eleven (11) places for carrying canoes.

Since the Brown's meeting we've established that the racks from the Suburban will fit on the new truck. But is it wrong to put canoe racks just on the cab of a pickup?

Let's check The Book....

No, it is not wrong. So that gives us space for two, maybe three canoes and a bed full of gear which is as much or more than we got from the Suburban.

Meanwhile, Mullowney says he has a 16' flat bed trailer he left laying around somewhere so we can pile some boats on that (Frieda, please remind him).

Kirly, what about the trailer from the Derby....?

Also, members: don't forget to respond to Jim with your preferred cut of steak. If the early returns hold up, it will be one filet mignon and fourteen New York strips. How fitting would that be?

Everyone's favorite kitchen helper.


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