Monday, April 23, 2007

Post Navigatio Omni Animale Triste

Is it too soon to think about the fall trip?

Here's the graph showing the water level on the Green. If you think we were lucky to find our 1.25 gravel bars, just be glad we didn't go a week earlier. We would have floated right over Armour Island.

Really enjoyed having the worthy newcomers on this trip:

Roy Dano

Pete Fucking Feldman

The other Roy, who played the stand-up bass on Friday, the hunched-over bass on Saturday, and the sit-down Bass on Sunday, is playing a songwriter's gig Tuesday night at 6:30 pm at Qdoba (corner of West End and 21st Ave). We know he can't be playing his instrument of choice because that's still in the garage stacked full of bloody mary mix and Old Grand-Dad bottles. So is his red glove. But the gig's TOMORROW night (or today depending on when you're reading this) and it would be great to get some RRCC representation there in support. Members who show up drink on Josh.

Of course, there's a lot of gear to be exchanged and that means a post-trip meeting. If we have it Thursday night we can go trailer shopping at 12:01 am, the start of the Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday. But I don't know if we can get the slide show ready by then.


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