Thursday, April 17, 2008

Anouncing the RRCC Investment Manager.

We may need an RRCC Hypnotist, too, but you need to send all of your money to this man. He is going to the dogtrack and coming back with a canoe trailer.

Here is another tip. If you want to have a guitar all to yourself, tune it down to Open D about 5:00 Saturday afternoon after Tim has poured the screwdrivers.

Everyone is afraid if they pick it up they'll be the incapacited guy who has to retune it. For Rob, that rule applies on Sunday. Instead of taking it home with him, he gave a big speech in the driveway about how "everyone should have a river guitar," then he set it on a pile of Duluth Packs and sped off down the alley in the Vigor.

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