Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The RRCC has rehydrated and it's time to to start following up on the excellent trip we just went on.

First of all, it has to be said that the island was a success. Possibly too much of a success judging by the number of times we heard someone muttering, from a camp chair, on the edge of the water, with a drink in his hand, in a British accent..."I like Plan B....I like Plan B."

Don't get used to it. We're still going on rivers every time we can. But still, that launch site sure was nice...

Not even counting the lake travel there were so many innovations in Spring '08 it's hard to say which one was the best. Here are a just few:

- Old Smokey
- The canoe sail
- The Barn (capitalization intentional)
- ATVs wearing the dogs out before they even get in a canoe
- A bona-fide lead guitar player
- Cobbler
- Cobbler in the morning

But it was the 2X-XCut Saw that rose above the rest. It's not only as cool as we hoped it would be, the fact is, we would have been in a full firewood crisis without it. The Big Daddy Skillet should be feeling very nervous right now.

In fact, the saw is no longer even in the same category as our other stuff because someone or something got metaphysical on our ass. It's more like the Shroud of Turin or the Nun Bun than a piece of camping equipment because, when the ceremonial first cut was made, a mysterious writing appeared in the cross section. Then the crowd gasped and drew back when the writing clearly spelled out a man's name...

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