Monday, April 28, 2008

Phil has been making a a strong case for Rookie of the Year.

First he showed up for the departure on Friday with that day's page ripped from his calendar:

An ominous sign as we were preparing to drive over Rob Daniels' bridge later that afternoon.

Then he brought our attention to which is way more interesting than

It is singular in more ways than one. Start with River Adventures so you can get the Canoe Primer and browse the "Statements": the Hackey Sack Statement, the Fishing Statement, the Frisbee Statement, etc. (“Frisbee is good for my soul. When it floats to me I feel the orbit of one thousand planets. When I release it the torque of big gravity tugs me.”)

Don't skip the Journal and the Archives, though. The man is prolific and crazy - always a fun combination. Has he found the Grandmother Water Spider?

Most important, Phil got us one step closer to our coveted canoe trailer by solving the storage problem. Warehouse space in Brentwood!

Doing a New Guy's job in the kitchen.

But Vernon got some votes from the kitchen staff, too, the way he wore that Loretta Lynn hat like a veteran.

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