Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Menu Is Up!

Friday Night

Sheboygan Bratwurst on Ol' Smokey
Hard Rolls
Fried onions and peppers

Saturday Breakfast

Pork chop sandwiches at the Keysburg Ser Sta Gro
(if Red River)

Country breakfast at the Cunningham Country Diner
(if Yellow Creek)

Saturday Lunch

Savarino sandwiches

Saturday Dinner

Charcuterie et fromages artisanal
Châtaines avec Speck
Daube Provençal
Haricots Verts à Robert
Pan Rustique
Gâteau Rive Rebel

Sunday Breakfast

Beer Cakes

And don't forget the Club conf call tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5:00
Dial-in number (866) 506-1416
Passcode 615 726 7381

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand a damn word between the line Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. This shit is way out of line.