Monday, October 19, 2009

Trip Week

Official meet time on Friday will be 12:00 noon. In the driveway. We'll post directions to the farm later this week so if you need to come up separately or later you can.

A pre-trip meeting isn't possible at this point but we do have things to talk about like how many canoes we've got, what vehicles are going, who's bringing guitars, etc. So let's have a conference call on Wednesday at 5:00 pm, that way everyone can have a beer in front of them during the call and it will be more like a real pre-trip meeting. The dial-in number is (866) 506-1416 and the Passcode is 615 726 7381

No way to know what the Red River is going to be like until we look at it. Even if it's safe to float we'll have to decide if it will be low enough to find somewhere to camp. Yellow Creek is looking really promising though. The gravel bars look so good from satellite they may not get past your porn filter.

The locals call it "Mother Nature"


"Mons Veneris"


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