Monday, October 05, 2009

The Miracle of the Brother Bear Coffee Cup

The Club’s second miraculous event occurred on the Piney River trip. Back when we pulled the Vanderbilt trailer and corn was free.

We were going to leave Nashville early on Saturday morning for the ride to Hickman County. We gathered in the driveway as we always do, with the usual departure activities: drinking a little coffee, waiting for Tim. But you can’t tie a Trucker’s Hitch with one hand, and sometimes coffee cups get set down and forgotten.

Eventually we pulled out, and an hour and half later we arrived at the last Ser Sta Gro before the river, just up the hill from the put-in.

After re-icing the beers, and just before driving down to the river, one among us exclaimed – “Behold the Brother Bear coffee cup!”

And all the Club members cast their eyes where he was pointing, and they began to wrench their clothes and lash themselves, for there upon the roof of of the truck they saw the Brother Bear coffee cup which had traveled over ninety miles across interstates and bumpy county roads without falling. And all exclaimed – “Verily this is the second miracle!”

And now every year on the same day the members drink from the cup and sacrifice a virgin’s virginity and all members now address each other as Brother Bear when they meet. And the miracle led to a new era of harmony and brotherly love in the Club.

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