Thursday, April 22, 2010

Memo to File

We've decided to leave the following items locked in the trailer and stored at Phil's year-round. If anybody needs something between trips, we'll give you the key to the warehouse and you can go dig through all that expensive engineering equipment that turns contaminated water into a strawberry daiquiri.

Washtub Bass
Big Daddy Skillet
Grub cooler
Kitchen tripod
Machetes (x2)
Sports bag
Short shovel
Long shovel
LTD hood ornament
Trailer balls
Water cooler cups
Lifejackets (10)
Canoe seatbacks (4)
Greg's canoe


"F.Kirk" is the winner of the Spring rebus contest.

1. Smoke...
2. On the water...
3. And fire in the sky
(Buh, buh, BUH. Buh, buh, BUH, BUH. Buh, buh, BUH. BUH. BUH).

Although "BrerBear" should get some kind of consolation prize for "I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker."

F.Kirk, here's one for Catherine so the whole family can enjoy Blue Ribbons this weekend.

The entire chorus of a classic rock song in just one picture.


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Angus said...

Dirty Jeans, and they're Dungarees!