Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Phil, did you find the Heckometer we left on your desk? Just wanted to make sure you knew we got the trailer out of the warehouse.

Everyone with a canoe that needs to go on the trailer go ahead and bring it by. Just leave it in the driveway. The trailer is currently at Nashville Spring Service getting groomed for its twice-a-year moment of glory (new safety chains and a heavy duty trailer jack among other things). The welder said that safety chain placement is "all about the dangle" and he didn't even know about our trailer balls.

If you are meeting up on Friday to ride down with the trailer (or follow it) the gathering place has changed. We're meeting in Brown's parking lot at 1:00 Friday unless you are riding down separately. If you are driving down on your own and you weren't at the Pre-Trip meeting, let us know and we'll send you the maps.

The most direct and scenic route is down the Natchez Trace.
Warning: the Natchez Trace Parkway is owned and patrolled by the National Park Service. For those of you who get all Ruby Ridge about federal officers, the alternate route is down I-65 through Columbia, Tennessee.

Likewise, if you are offended by the government regulating your right to take fish and game in the wild, you can skip getting a license. Otherwise, go get one at Friedman's because fishing on the Buffalo is outstanding.

This is Mike fishing on Dale Hollow Lake on the Spring 08 trip:

This is the 50 lb. Musky that Mike almost caught on Dale Hollow Lake but somebody else caught just last week:

The article says he landed it off Goat Island which is only a mile or so by sail canoe from Jackson Creek Island where we were camped. We would have needed a Bigger Daddy Skillet.

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polarwanderer said...

I'm told that some in the environmental industry use a magnehelic gauge (aka Heckometer) to see if their spill-wife is capable of sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch. We use them merely to measure radius-of-influence during vapor extraction pilot studies.