Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pope John Boat II

We tested the new boat on its first shallow river and experienced some discomfort in our rear end that has been traced to a case of Severely Acute Transom Syndrome.

Maybe that's Severely Obtuse. Anyway, our transom is not vertical and it means our propeller will be doing some serious ass-dragging on the rocky shoals of the Duck River if we don't fix it, especially because we have a long shaft motor (like the RRCC would ever have anything else). Normally we could just adjust the motor angle but because of the transom shape we can't get enough trim (like the RRCC ever could).

Here is an update of what we'll need for the other boat improvements. Most of the supplies have already been gathered, but everybody needs to bring a bunch of tools, especially whatever power saws are best to notch out the plywood. No clue on that. By the way, we removed the forward swivel seat because it suggested a kind of leisureliness that was just not proper for a work boat like the Green Mule. We can decide if we are going to take out the stern one when we are all together on Jon Boat Day October 5th.

Floor - parts and supplies:

Cardboard for templates
3/4" plywood (two 4x8 sheets)
Wood supports
Weather stripping
Thompson's waterseal
Marine carpet
Carpet fasteners/staples
Carpet glue

Floor - tools:

Scissors, box cutters, tape and markers for template
Table saw
Band saw (or jig saw?)
Saw horses
Paint brushes
Throw tarp
Staple gun or carpet fastener
Drill and bits
Extension cords
Real screwdrivers

Electrical - parts and supplies:

Rocker switch panel
Mount for switch panel
Wire (different gauges)
Screws and attachments
Silicone sealant
Port (red) and starboard (green) side navigation lights
Stern (white) all-around, pole-mount navigation light
Cigarette lighter accessory plug for spotlights (and cigarettes)
Trolling motor cables and clamps

Electrical - tools

Wire cutters
Wire strippers
Real strippers
Drill and bits
Extension cords


Automotive console cup holders to mount on carpeted floor
Foam lining to convert live well into built-in cooler
New trailer wheels and possibly wheel bearings
Replacement trailer rope
Gunwale and transom trailer straps
Deep cycle marine battery

If you think of anything else post it in the Comments or just bring it.

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