Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Pimp My Jon Boat

We are going to have a boat workshop to get The Mule ready to whisk Stuart and the other Night Rangers down the river for a Friday arrival. We will do it at the warehouse (right, Phil?) just like our maintenance and repair party a couple of years ago.

The main jobs will be to install floors over the exposed ribs for maximum cooler stacking - and wire up regulation lights for night running.

A short, thin man in a Stetson, seam-faced, came out and looked at us and at the canoe on the car, opened the gate, and showed curiosity and a willingness to talk. November is a quiet month for sociable people at lakes. . . .

"All by yourself?" he said. "Without no motor?"

I said yes.

He looked disgusted and, walling his eyes across the lake, said as though to a fourth, disinterested person that he'd never had no use for canoes, not even in summer.

Goodbye to a River, pp. 17-18.

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