Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Important announcement, fellas.   We're changing up the trip.

We've got a lot of guys with time pressure at both ends of the weekend, and of course we're seriously understaffed in the kitchen.  Combine that with unpredictable water levels and an unscouted section of river...I just don't think it's the right time for a 25-mile Bold Adventure. 

We're going to keep it in Hickman County, but when we get to Centerville we're going to fake left and go right to the Piney instead of the Duck.    There is a section downstream of our 2006 Piney River float that we have not done so our streak of never repeating a trip will remain intact.  To refresh your recollection, here's what the upstream looked like in the spring:


Now picture that in full fall color.  Should be quite nice.

This will also affect our schedule.  We are only going to spend Saturday night on the river.  We will have a Friday night option for anyone who wants to go up and camp at the put-in, and we will wait for the Saturday guys there the next morning.   So Friday night will be at the Pinewood Canoe and Camp, which is a small, commercial campground right on the river (see bottom right of link). 

Because of the relaxed schedule and distance (only 6.5 total river miles), it's the perfect time for "wildly enthusiastic" cooks with "extraordinary initiative" to just skip the sous chef stage and start trying out their menu ideas.  Therefore, the "On Your Own" Order is hereby lifted and we will post the new menu as soon as they let us know.

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