Thursday, October 16, 2014

Red-lining a River

Everyone's been asking about the rain and the water levels.
Yesterday it broke throug the bright red "NWS Action Stage" line, which is new to us.
  Vernon has got boots on the gound at Leatherwood for an eyewitness account.  Here's the image he sent:

If you look closely in the bottom right corner you can see the Nine-Man-Log that finally got washed off the island upstream at Cedar Creek.

Next to the Nine-Man-Log you can see the pig bones we left on the gravel bar at River Mile78 last fall, and beside that are Mrs. Cooper's dentures, Mike's aluminum foil shin shields, a bottle of Old Grand-Dad, about twenty guitar picks, one of Floyd's orange dildos, the missing coffee percolator, Kirk's C-PAC machine from Big Swan Creek which is an upstream tributary, and Rob's bait casting rod from the Piney, also coming in upstream. 

Here's an update from the Kitchen crew: 

From Phil:

Hey - I'm gone to Belgium from 4-12th, then backpacking in the Cascades 15-20th, then have a client in town 22-24th. I'm not gonna be much help this fall on preparations. 'Course I'll work my fingers to a nub once we're out there.

From Rob: 

As a Sat arriver, I am going to cash in some goodwill and shirk all meal planning and pre-trip grocery duties. 

Like Phil, I will eagerly do any and all cooking-related chores asked of me once on site. 

I do promise if you get me a menu I will make sure the appropriate Dutch ovens as well as all the club cooking gear in my possession gets delivered to skip's before your Fri departure.

From Jim:

Bad news gents. I'm out for the trip. I've got work related stuff Friday, Saturday and Saturday night that I can't miss.

Here is the updated menu:

Friday Lunch

On your own

Friday Dinner
Imported Sheboygan Bratwurst on Genuine Brat Rolls.
Sauerkraut and German Mustard
Kettle Chips

On your own

Saturday Breakfast


On your own

Saturday Lunch (Tim)

Hattie B's Cold Hot Chicken with Sides
Tim's Famous Bloody Mary and Screwdriver Bar

On your own

Saturday Dinner

Tom Kha Kai
Spicy Caribbean Beans and Rice (Cristianos y Moros)
Vietnamese 5-spice Chicken
Sesame Green Beans
Gulab Jamun

On your own

Sunday Breakfast

Conecuh Pigs in Blankets

On your own

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