Monday, October 12, 2015

Heavy Equipment Update

Big Blue Trailer had its proboscis rearranged when we crossed a hard bottom creek leaving the last takeout.

So in preparation for the fall trip we took it to an appropriately named welder.

After much discussion and a little hammering, we (the RRCC and Dr. Duck) believe that the coupler is functional and safe and he recommend against any cosmetic surgery which would require cutting off the whole end of the tongue and welding on a new piece.  You do have to hold your mouth just right to get it the hitch, but once it's on it clamps down tight.  He did weld on a shiny new safety chain and we hope to never find out if it holds.

So the trailer is ready.   The jon boat, however, has its own health issues.  Unlike the canoe trailer, it did not suffer from some traumatic event but instead succumbed to general neglect and malnutrition.   The last time it was used was two years ago, when it hauled a Stimulated Pig down the Duck.

Last known photograph of the Green Mule in action.

She lies unresponsive in a coma and will not awake no matter how many times you pull the starter.  So off she goes to Anderson Marine in Madison where we will pace the floor of the waiting room until we learn her fate.   We'll update you as soon as we know anything because it sounds like there are several who are going to need to ride the Mule on Friday afternoon.

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