Thursday, October 22, 2015

Call for Cooks and Captains

This is how the roster looks two weeks out:

Jim Myers
Jim Mullowney
Pete F'n F
+ Stuart (unconfirmed)

The out-of-towners will all be coming down Friday afternoon so they will have to be in the jon boat.   Phil was involved in a bad bike accident and faces the possibility of his right one permanently hanging lower than his left one, which puts him in the jon boat too so he doesn't paddle in circles.  So with Stuart unconfirmed, Pete and Ian with an aversion to gasoline engines, and Phil handicapped, we need someone to volunteer to leave Friday afternoon and drive the Mule.    It will probably also involve an airport run.  Kirk would that be you?

Phil was also supposed to be head cook for Saturday night and may still be.  But he is going to need some help.   Jim, Rob and Phil have discussed this but any volunteers for meals or as assistants outside of this group would be welcome. 

This all makes the decision to shorten our trip and use good boat ramps look a whole lot better.   Since the river section is right under (goes under) I-40 it's also a short, straight shot to the put-in.  And an easy shuttle too. 

1 Hour From Brown's Diner

15 Minute Shuttle (Each Way)

You may notice that's the Bucksnort exit.   Home of the Bucksnort Trout Farm.   Don't know if that influences the cooks at all.  Maybe it depends on how much the corn is...

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Dog of the South said...

Sitting here in Brothers Three Lounge reading the logistics of the upcoming trip. I'll gladly volunteer for cooking duty. If there's an extra canoe for me ruminate and flip over alone in, it'd be much appreciated, but if coolies are needed to bail the Mule, so be it.