Thursday, October 29, 2015

One Week Update


We have made the final decision on the river section:   we are doing the short version between the two Hwy 50 bridges, taking out before the river goes under I-40.  It will be a mere 12 miles over parts of three days.   The first campsite will be exactly two miles downstream from the put-in, and the second night will be exactly two miles upstream from the Sunday take-out.  Boat ramps at both ends.  This will be a lazy man's dream trip.


Stuart is out but Cronin is in.   So no net change to the total of 12 Rivermen.

Pete has moved his flight up and is now arriving at 8:00 am on Friday.  The canoeists will pick him up at the airport and he will go to the river with the morning shift.

That leaves the jon boat with Kirly, Ian and One-Arm Phil who can all leave Nashville when Ian's conference is over at 3:45 on Friday although it sounds like he could be talked into leaving earlier.   So a very real possibility  the Green Mule could make the whole trip in daylight.  Unless you guys just want to do it in the dark which is totally understandable.


Pete has taken over Friday night and is doing a New Orleans-style barbecued shrimp dinner.  He's bringing the ingredients on the NOLA to Nashville flight which Southwest Airlines has become accustomed to.  Recall that he carried on a half-gnawed pig leg going the other way last time.

We are definitely stopping at the trout farm on the way to the put-in.  They will clean or fillet whatever we catch on the spot and we'll bring a dedicated cooler to ice down the fish.  Rob is working on the details and sides, but Rainbow Trout is the entree for Saturday night.

Tim remains the Lunch Czar for Saturday.

Assuming breakfasts get sorted out, that leaves Friday lunch.  Which we should make legit because with only two miles to travel we'll want to go as slow as possible.  We only had a three-man skeleton crew for the Frito Chili Pie on the upper Buffalo so we might consider doing that again.  Twice makes a tradition in this club.

Or if anyone wants to try something new just raise your hand.

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Dog of the South said...

may as well go full New Orleans cuisine on Friday. If the rivermen are amenable, I say we do them muffulettas again for lunch, I can source all of the ingredients, including the round bread, from Central Grocery.