Tuesday, April 05, 2016

All Access Pass

I wish every take-out was like the one where we had to go up the concrete embankment under the bridge on the Piney River.

That's the kind of challenge that promotes team building and gives everyone a sense of accomplishment after it's over.  People were actually singing.

Unfortunately, the river accesses on both ends of our section of the Duck are embarrassingly easy.

First, the put-in is right smack in the middle of downtown Shelbyville, on public property, in Fisherman's Park.  So right off the bat there will be no trespass excitement.  


It has a giant drive-down gravel bar so we can unload right into the river below the city dam.

Here's a view of the put-in looking downstream at the bridge.

If you mash them together you get a panorama that shows the whole view of the put-in in Shelbyville....

For a picture of the take-out, which is almost as easy, all we have to do is go back to Spring of 2005 in the RRCC archives.  The put-in on that trip will be the take-out for this one...



Fall 2015 photos continued:    Post-lunch Paddle



Ian doubled up Daryl D. in the 4th Ward Race.   never mind the hashish, it's a full on dynasty.

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