Monday, April 11, 2016

The Paddling Part

Here's our trip map (click to expand):

The mileage is going to break down roughly as follows:

Put-in in Shelbyville to Friday campsite:   7.5 miles
Saturday morning to Saturday campsite:    8.0 miles
Sunday morning to Halls Mill take-out:     3.5 miles

The Friday paddle is unscouted so we don't know exactly where will stop.  The Saturday campsite is set for sure.   So the above distances will only vary if we stop a little sooner or a little later on Friday night.  

There are opportunities for joining (or leaving) the group due to the two bridges marked on the map.  We'll pass one on Friday and one on Saturday.   The Friday bridge (Bridge 1) is steep so it's accessible for a passenger but not to launch a canoe.  People who cannot make the Friday morning departure could be picked up on the bank at Bridge 1 but you would need to be there mid-afternoon because our Friday camp will be downstream from there.  Otherwise you could join us Saturday morning when we pass Bridge 2, and since there is a ramp at Bridge 2 you can also launch a canoe there.

Similarly, anyone who can only come for Friday could take out Saturday morning at Bridge 2.



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