Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Vernon is bringing a "cajon."   Apparently the Large Impingers box doesn't have a good enough sound for him.

Storms are predicted for Thursday, then clearing on Friday.   The answer to your question is:  I don't really know what hard rains on Thursday will do to the water level.  Obviously it will go up - hopefully not too much.

We've got some things in our favor:  (1) it hasn't rained much lately so the ground is not saturated.  In fact, water levels are surprisingly low for a spring trip...

And (2) we're pretty far upstream on the Duck so the watershed we're draining is not as big (and a good part of that is safely behind Normandy Dam).

On the other hand, the Duck is 250 miles long so "upstream" and "not that big" are relative things. There are still 50 miles of river above us that will be adding water the whole way.  Plus water levels go up and down faster on the upper parts than down by say Centerville.  That could work against us since it will be raining the day (and night) just before our trip.

Since we don't know, I think we should just not worry about it.  I don't think it will be dangerously high, and maybe it will make any scenic water features we come across that much more scenic...


Almost forgot to finish the Fall Trip pictures before the Spring Trip.  Here's the last batch.

It seems like Sundays are always sunny no matter what the weekend was like...

Those loading out pictures are depressing - thank goodness we're putting in soon. See you in downtown Shelbyville.

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Anonymous said...

I watched that video all the way thru, and I don't think her cajons are real.