Thursday, November 17, 2005

Celestial Report

Last week, when we posted the 10-day forecast, here is what the weather man said was going to happen just five days later (the day we had torrential downpours and tornado warnings all over middle Tennessee):

So for what it's worth, here's what they're now predicting for the canoe trip two days out...

Fourteen-degrees warmer and 0% chance of rain sounds pretty good. The showers on Sunday are something of a surprise. But since it's only a 30% chance Mike should be fine with the poncho that only covers 30% of his body.

In other news from the heavens, the sun is going to set early, but the moon is going to come up just in time and should be good light for cooking, or navigation if we miss our island.

Using the handy moon phase generator, it will be just a few days past full (the "waning gibbous moon", of course) and here's what it will look like at 8:00 pm

Actual photo of waning gibbous moon.


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