Thursday, November 03, 2005

There's No "E" in "Whisky"

We're not going to give up taking beer altogether, but everyone agreed after the spring trip that we need to start emphasizing brown liquor. Bringing enough beer to stay completely drunk for 24 hours is just impractical in a canoe. We experimented with the Yazoo Party Pigs thinking they would be more beer with less packaging, but the Pig is unwieldy and when the tap malfunctioned someone started hacking at it like a sacrificial beast by the firelight, and Rob started playing The Doors on his guitar and Mullowney's head rose slowly out of the Stones River with his camo paint. And Josh kept saying "the horror, the horror" over and over in his camp chair.

This is the End
Beautiful friend
This is the End
My only friend, the End

The Killer awoke before dawn
He put his boots on
He took a face from the ancient gallery

Disturbing, and all we managed to do was puncture the CO2 pouch inside the Party Pig and the beer was really salty the rest of the night.

This beer tastes like shit. Bring me another."


So we're switching to whisky. The Liquor and Spirits Editor from the newspaper will be on the trip and he has approved the selections, but this is a Tennessee based canoe club and the choice for Tennessee Whisky is easy (there are only two). We drink George Dickel and we drink it neat because "Dickel's for drinkin', water's for sprinklin'"….Merle Haggard said that.

"Jack Daniel's is for tourists"…. I said that.

Since the Red River bends north up into Kentucky, we also get to bring the official Kentucky Bourbon of the RRCC on this trip: Basil Hayden. Drink fast, though, because we'll only be in Kentucky for a couple of miles.

Here is a dusty bottle of Basil Hayden that the RRCC found high on a shelf at Dante's Inferno in Big Sky, Montana.

Here is the same bottle after the club drank it one bar drink at a time at ski resort prices.

Here is what we will drink if the club is ever lucky enough to take a canoe trip in the Yukon Territories.

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