Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Breaking News on Bullwinkle

We have the first confirmed report that Kirly has delivered on harvesting our elk. He's flying back tomorrow from Colorado with a 6x6 bull elk, Green scored out at 300+. Your dinner will be dead less than 100 hours and is arriving on United Flight 6738 from Denver to Nashville at 4:48 p.m. Track it HERE.

Here’s one more shot of our field that’s nice and kind of different. Artistic even. If we had taken it with a cheap-ass toy camera and lined the shot up all wrong we could hang it in the Parthenon.


I paddled on down a mile and, having time, picked a good campsite on a Bermuda flat ten or twelve feet above the water with a wide, clean, sand beach below it and brush sheltering it behind on the north. Goats had cropped the grass like a lawn and had done the passenger the favor of eating up all the burrs, which they perversely like. Good solid driftwood was lodged among the brush from the spring floods. I pitched the tent tail-north, the stakes solid in good turf, dug a pit for the fire before it, and, liking the look of the whole business, decided I'd stay there until the norther had come and blown and shown the length of its teeth. I could hold out, there.

Goodbye to a River, p. 104-05.



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