Monday, October 02, 2006

I feel an organizational meeting coming on.

Let's meet at Brown's on Thursday, October 12 at 7:30 pm for all kinds of official business and planning. Menus, departure times, put-ins and take-outs, lantern report, etc.

Here is more club news:

- The Vandy canoe trailer is OURS. One of the risks of taking a prime fall weekend was that it would be in use, but we just got confirmation today that it's available.

- Big George is IN. He'll be flying up from NOLA on Friday.

- Kirly is not only IN, he will be returning from an Elk hunt in Brokeback, Montana with fresh, bleeding elk meat in the overhead compartment and he says he's got squirrel too. And Jim sends e-mails almost every day with a new squirrel burgoo receipe so apparently that part's really going to happen. The lesson there is be careful what you joke about on the RRCC web site.

- Bob is OUT. . What good is a Music Director who doesn't go on the trip? Go to

- Constance Gee is IN. . Bob's spot will be taken by the Vanderbilt Chancellor's wife who happens to suffer from an inner-ear ailment that requires a special, wacky kind of treatment. See the Wall Street Journal article about "Marijuana at the Mansion". As long as she's holdin' she's welcome to paddle with the RRCC.

Mrs. Gee before treatment. Notice the brave smile.

Mrs. Gee after treatment. No inner ear pain.

Here is a Meniere's Disease support group meeting, discussing coping strategies.



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