Friday, October 13, 2006

Meeting Report

All of the agenda items were covered, some of them requiring more than one pitcher. Most controversial was #9 ("Jack not George") but a majority eventually agreed that it would be offensive to drink anything but Jack Daniel's when we're five river miles downstream from Lynchburg. Dickel proponents did manage to get the concession that it can only be the new JD Single Barrel and only this year on this section of this river.

Brown's was also the the occasion for the first official draw against community funds for Club business.

More important decisions:

  • Departure is 6:00 am Saturday
  • Mullowney (and possibly Big George) will go down on Friday night to set up and gather firewood. They will put in at Farris Creek bridge which is about six miles below the put in for the Saturday guys.
  • The Saturday group will shorten the first day's paddle to about ten miles from the original thirteen because it gets dark so early now. That means we will put in at Garner Ford instead of immediately under the dam.
  • The trailer will be behind the Hindman house on Thursday night. Everyone with a boat is responsible for either having it on the trailer by Friday night or on whatever vehicle will take it to the river. We're trying to eliminate all handling of boats on Saturday morning.
  • Breakfast will be at the Midway Cafe on Hwy. 231 south of Murfreesboro.
  • Jim and Rob will announce the dinner menu sometime this week. I found the Army plates, by the way.
  • Greg is the new Sports Czar and will bring all the recreational gear we need including frisbees, balls and bats, football and full pads for 7-on-7, etc.
  • We have 11 canoes counting one from Jim's tenant and Rob Cannon's which will be picked up this weekend with the satellite radio. Plus we will bring the Folbot which seats two and a solo kayak. With 17 members going that means we can paddle four canoes tandem (8 people) and seven canoes solo (7 people) plus the Folbot (1) and the kayak (1) solo. This may change depending on how many boats go on Friday and how much gear they take.
  • Josh survived an impeachment scare and remains in charge of cigarette procurement in spite of leaving a whole carton in the garage last year.
  • Tim is in charge of liquor, lunch and beer and still wants to participate in dinner prep with Jim and Rob. Rob's body language is subtle, but see if you can tell what they think of Tim's idea....

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