Sunday, October 19, 2008

Could there be a more forlorn sight than Rob C. standing in the driveway in his business suit watching us leave on the trip?

When we got out, a raw north breeze picked at out clothes and grayed the surface of the big lake, and Hale said, with a kind of satisfaction, that it was a hell of a time to be starting a canoe trip.

Hale had been going partway down the river with me till business and his wife's opinion got in the way. He glared at the equipment stowed and tied into the canoe.

"I wish. . ." he said, and didn't finish. He said: "You call from One Eighty. Maybe I'll drive out and float with you a couple of days."

I said: "I'll call. You won't come."

"There won't be any ducks," he said. "You saw those on the hatchery ponds. They don't like the river when it's high."

"All right," I said. Getting in, I collared the pup to keep him from scrambling ashore, and pushed away. Hale yelled something as I swept into the bubble-hiss of the rapids. It was fast but smooth, and spewed me into a a long flowing pool below. With only enough paddling for steerageway, the current carried me swiftly the mile and a half down to the sharp turn of the Flint Bend and around it, under the cliffs.

Goodbye to a River, p. 14

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