Wednesday, October 08, 2008

So what does this meteorological miracle mean to us?

We can't be completely sure because the USGS picked a very unfortunate time to start shutting down their gauges.

Just a week ago we were watching the flow table and wishing we had 100 cfs but they've taken already taken that reading down.

Nevertheless, it is safe to say we will have plenty of water. Any running aground you do will be the result of your own navigation or alcohol consumption.

There is even a possibility we will have too much water. Not a safety concern, just a slight worry our Friday night gravel bar may shrink. Or disappear. The second night won't matter since we're up in our own private cow pasture. And that's the right order to do it in because the upper stretches of the river will flood sooner, less, and recede quicker than the downstream parts. We may have timed this perfectly. And no matter what we should have a great ride on Saturday.

However, the rain will probably affect the water clarity and could have an adverse effect on our fishing and malacology pastimes.


Q: What are these?

Purple Wartyback
Tennessee Pigtoe
Plain Pocketbook
Wavy-rayed Lampmussel
Round Hickorynut
Pink Heelsplitter

A: Are they...

a) Fifteen new nicknames for the fifteen members going on this trip?
b) The sushi rolls Jim is fixing for hors d'oeuvres Saturday night?
c) All of the freshwater mussels found in the Middle Sequatchie?

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Tennessee Pigtoe said...

All of the above!