Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Twenty Miles

And it felt good. As Josh happily observed from one of his three camp chairs Saturday night: "It was an adult sized serving."

Now that we have put the canoe back in Canoe Club it's time to put the river back in Rebel Rivers. For the 2000 Piney River trip we made people join the National Organization for Rivers in lieu of paying dues. Since then the RRCC has switched endorsements and urges you (just short of requires you) to buy a ticket or a table to the Harpeth River Jam which is Saturday, October 25 benefitting the Harpeth River Watershed Association. There is already significant overlap (i.e. more than one) between the officers of the HRWA and the RRCC. When you buy a ticket you'll become an HRWA member too. Plus free food, a concert by someone whose name is Rivers, and you won't have to beat the beers out of the ice with a canoe paddle.

Here is the link you need. But you still have to pay your dues.

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