Friday, October 10, 2008

Forward Ever Be Thy Watchword

Time to go. Got a real good feeling about this one.

All the canoes are up so nothing left to do but hitch our pony to the wagon.

P.S. We shopped all over for just the right black, rubber trucker tie-downs because they look so easy on a trailer. But after trying them out there's no way they can be trusted to secure a 17' boat 12' off the ground at 70 mph. So sixteen trucker's hitches later all eight canoes have become one with the trailer.

For those special top row spots we picked the battered, borrowed green canoe and the Grumman. The former is no loss if it gets skimmed off the top. The latter will just leave a canoe-shaped hole in every overpass between here and South Pittsburgh - and still be in good shape for paddling and kitchen counter duty tonight.

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