Friday, March 04, 2011

Crisis in the Kitchen

Way back in the early years of the RRCC, a "Friday Guy" was someone who went out early and set up camp before everyone else arrived on Saturday morning. Usually that was just Mullowney, Myers and the Unabomber, although Mullowney and the Unabomber were never actually seen on the same gravel bar at the same time.

Nowadays we all go for two nights, and "Friday Guy" means a landlubber who comes down and parties at the put-in Friday night then heads back to Nashville patio living Saturday morning. This year we have several like that, and they happen to make up the entire kitchen staff.

So all of you chefs who have been watching from the sidelines waiting for your chance, think of this as your big break. Who wants to step up and get the keys to Big Daddy for a weekend? Possibly earn the prestigous RRCC Dinner Triangle. Maybe even Wally Pipp one of the regular cooks. If there is enough interest, we'll have tryouts. If there is no interest, we will adjust the menu as follows:

Saturday Breakfast


Saturday Lunch

Slim Jims
American Style Chicken-Beef-Pork Sausages
(with gelatinous sauce)

Saturday Dinner

Cub Scout Campfire Foil Pack
(place foil pack in coals, drink, serve when dish reaches raw and burned simultaneously)

Sunday Breakfast

Campfire Foil Pack leftovers

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