Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Final Countdown


10 on the river Saturday
12 - 14 Friday night


In case you missed the essential info for Friday it is all here: CLICK

We're assuming eveyone has figured out how they're going to get there. It sounds like there will be a quorum at Pee's Wee's by 3:00.


In case you missed the announcement from the "Manage Not to Bring Any Beverages Manager," the whole weekend is BYOB except for a bloody screwdriver break on the river Saturday. Bring your own iced-down coolers and if we see an opportunity to consolidate when we're at the put-in we will leave extra coolers in the trailer. On Friday, of course, there are no space issues and you can even bring bottles for Friday as long as you promise to use the bottle openers on the trailer.


Nobody has touched the dutch ovens or the Big Daddy skillet since we got off the Eleven Point River last fall. In fact, nobody had even looked inside them until last night and it wasn't pretty. At least we'll have something to do Friday night.


As the name suggests, Big Swan Creek is plenty big, just not large enough to be a river. Like a Little Village (motherfucker!). Maps will be distrubited at Pee Wee's, but we will be putting in at the bridge at Horse Branch Road (A) and taking out Sunday at Raleigh Chapel Road (B), both of which are off of Big Swan Creek Road south of Centerville in Hickman County. The total float is 7.5 miles. From the put-in it's about 6 miles to our Saturday campsite, so it will be a leisurely float on Saturday and very short one to the take-out on Sunday.


If you're really organized, you might throw in a pair of heavy work gloves - this river is known to have barbed wire across it in a couple of places. Not that we learned that the hard way or anything....


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polarwanderer said...

Actually, i think it's a nice change of pace by the beverage manager to be bringing so much Whine this year