Sunday, March 20, 2011

Minor Details (Like Where and When)

As previously mentioned, we won't be gathering in any official way in Nashville before this trip, so you have a few options for meeting up Friday afternoon.

OPTION 1 is to come to the airport with those of us who are picking up Stuart at 1:15. We will be headed straight out of town from there, probably in a big hurry because every Homeland Security officer and TSA agent has a picture of our trailer in their file.

OPTION 2 is to bushwhack it to Rob's place on your own any time you want. Below are written directions from I-40 (the first document) and from the Natchez Trace (the second document). The third document is a crazy treasure map he drew complete with "tricky triangles" and dangerous sounding pits. But the written versions will get you there and have the familiar sound of Rob talking non-stop in your ear from the back seat.

Directions to Fri House FROM I-40_RRCC_Spring 2011

Directions to Fri House From Natchez Trace_rrcc_spring 2011

Directions FRI HOUSE

OPTION 3 (recommended) is to meet up at Pee Wee's roadhouse on Highway 50 Friday afternoon. We should be there right about 3:00 pm if Stuart's plane is on time. It is at 801 Hwy 50 East (Centerville) although no one, ever, in the history of Hickman County, has used the actual address and will probably shoot you if you ask that way. It is just to the west of Big Swan Creek toward Centerville, so this plan has the benefit of allowing us to eyeball the water level of the river the day before we paddle. Here's a map of where we remember Pee Wee's to be, subject to confirmation by Vernon:

We'll post more info about the menus (from the cooks), the put-in and campsite (when we figure it out), the alcohol policy (yes), number of paddlers, guitars, canoes, etc. etc. so in the unlikely event that it isn't already you can go ahead and make your home page for the week.

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