Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Food Issue

From Roy:

"The dinner Friday night will be Frogmore Stew. Richard Gay of Gay Seafood Company claimed to have invented Frogmore Stew. On National Guard duty in Beaufort about 40 years ago, he was preparing a cookout of leftovers for his fellow guardsmen. He brought the recipe home with him, and it soon became popular in this area. According to Gay, the Steamer Restaurant on Lady's Island was the first establishment to offer Frogmore Stew commercially, almost 20 years ago. Gay campaigned to have Frogmore Stew declared the official seafood dish of South Carolina, but the recipe remains an "unofficial" delight."

"The Steamer" in Beaufort, South Carolina

Fom Phil:

"Saturday is Southwestern Night:
Southwest Caesar Salad
Beef Fillets with Tomatillo-Chipolte Sauce
Grilled Bread with Sun-dried Tomato Campfire Spread made with RRCC Warehouse Meat Grinder (don't ask)
Roasted Green Beans."

From Tim:

"This will be a BYOB trip. That means you are responsible for all beverages except for my bloody screwdriver bar, including but not limited to scotch, beer, whiskey, bourbon, vodka, wine, coke, water, tab, mr. pibb, fresca, red bull, 5 hour energy drink, apple juice, lemonade, root beer, etc. and river snacks. Coffee (and coffee maker), however, will be provided."

From F. Kirk:

"I have taken the liberty of preparing a laceration repair kit. This is in case someone gets overly anxious with the cross-cut saw or rams their cheek into a boat prow and needs to be repaired. This would allow a lengthy detour to the ER. I will be properly anesthetized."

From Stuart:

"You may recall that I recently accepted the position of Club Videographer ( I just wanted to let everyone know that as part of that job I will be wearing a Helmet Cam this year.

Not just on the river. I will be wearing the Helmet Cam the whole weekend and it will be streamed live on RebelRivers.Com. Uninterrupted and unedited."

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Anonymous said...

Stuart, did you have a feeling of futility in that last pic?