Monday, September 17, 2012

A couple of long term things we need to get out there so you can be thinking about them.

1.  Remember the personal cup policy and also that this is the trip we are eliminating individual plastic water bottles.   You have about six weeks to work on finding a good cup, and the same amount of time to get your head around the water situation.  For the former, you can bring two cups or really as many as you want as long as they are not disposable.  On the Current River most people had, or wished they had, a "hot" cup and "cold" cup.  The cold cup is your chance to show your style with something unique, which also helps distinguish it from all the other half full cups sitting on the Grumman late at night.  

For water, we can decide as a group how to deal with this but it probably means you need to bring canteens or jugs of water and either drink straight out of that or use your stylish cold cup.   We'll give more thought to this and discuss at the pre-trip meeting.

2.  Not making any promises, but we are willing to consider using some kind of system of permanently attached cam buckle straps on the canoe trailer.   Tying down the canoes is a bottleneck at the take-out and it would be good to be able to just throw a strap over it.   Keep in mind though that we have a trailer made for the Autobahn and we can't just hook a couple of black rubber bungees over the top.   There are other difficulties as well, like the fact that we have all different sizes and shapes of hulls, and what happens to the straps that are not being used because we have empty spots on the trailer?   And what is the failure rate on those things - are we willing to trust anything other than a trucker's hitch we tied ourselves?


Discuss among yourselves. 

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