Friday, September 07, 2012

Where We're Going

The second question, the one that comes right after "Do we have a date for the next trip?" and just before "What's for dinner?" is always:   "Which river?"  

As a reward for the long, hard trek to Missouri in the Spring, and to keep a vow we made to ourselves last Fall, we are going back to the Duck.  The plan is to put in right where we took out at the end of the Fall trip, where we stood triumphantly in the field after everything was hauled up and loaded and declared that we were going to do the entire Duck River, one section at a time, before we die or the club dissolves, whatever comes first. 

Take-Out 2011 = Put-In 2012

The Promise

It doesn't hurt that this section of the Duck is barely an hour away - and just fifteen minutes from Vernon's plantation where we will stay on Friday night. 

So the Fall trip will look just like this, plus or minus a few river bends:

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