Monday, September 10, 2012

I Know What You Did Last Summer

So much to catch up on about the offseason that we'll have to do a full report at Brown's, but here are a few developments you should know about:

1.   The john boat leaks have been repaired for real.  The toothpaste and duct tape solution we MacGyvered on the Current River has been replaced with J.B. weld and epoxy.  It may leak again, but it won't leak there. 


2.   The terminally wobbly kitchen grate that has been run over at one too many put-ins has been replaced with a brand new sturdy one.  Kitchen guys:  if one is good is two better?   Now is the time because they are surprisingly hard to find and Bass Pro has them right now. 

3.  We lost a set of RRCC keys the size of your fist.  That left the trailer locked to the hitch, the cargo lids locked shut, the key to Phil's warehouse is gone, not to mention the dozens of other keys that we won't remember what they go to until we're standing by a gate somewhere scratching our heads.  

Josh solved the lock-out problem on the trailer with a circular blade Dremel tool and a twelve-pack.  The way that thing cuts through padlocks is a sensual experience.   If we just add a Honda generator to the packing list our river access problems will be gone forever ("if you're not trespassin' you're not tryin'").  And there's a barbed wire fence out on Big Swan Creek calling our name, too.

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