Monday, September 24, 2012

Early Returns

Alright, we've got the Where and the When and we already knew the the How and the Why.  So the only things left are the Who and the What.  Who's going and What's cooking. 

It is our understanding there will be a top secret meeting of the Kitchen Committee this week at a top secret location - someplace "on the city's Western borders" that has an outdoorsman's hunting and fishing theme and serves big fishbowls of Gerst.  Wednesday at 8:00 pm.  So we'll share the report from that when we get it.  As for The Who, just the out-of-town commitment list is already impressive.   We have RSVPs from far flung places like Chicago, Canada, Cuba, Memphis and Primm Springs.   So don't be the guy who's left behind.  

Hale had been going partway down the river with me till business and his wife's opinion got in the way.  He glared at the equipment stowed and tied into the canoe.

"I wish ..." he said, and didn't finish.  He said:  "You call from One Eighty.  Maybe I'll drive out and float with you a couple of days."

I said:  "I'll call.  You won't come."

"There won't be any ducks," he said.  "You saw those on the hatchery ponds.  They don't like the river when it's high."

"All right," I said.  Getting in, I collared the pup to keep him from scrambling ashore, and pushed away.  Hale yelled something as I swept into the bubble-hiss of the rapids.  It was fast but smooth, and spewed me into a long flowing pool below.

Goodbye to a River, p. 25

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