Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dr. Mullowney made a house call today.

Let's face it, the RRCC does not like fences.   We don't like them at put-ins or at campsites and we especially don't like them all the way across rivers which I'm sure will be discussed when we stop Sunday at the mouth of Big Swan Creek.   

Trespassing, I climbed over the new fence.  The old kind of owners didn't worry much over that kind of property rights, roaming the country as if it were still open, letting others roam, too.  The new ones are testier, when they are there, but they're usually not there and even then they're fretful only if you're hunting.  I'd left the gun in the canoe.  Having climbed over, and crossed the sterile slash of the bulldozer's path, I found nothing on the other side different from what I'd already seen, and climbed back over again...

Goodbye to a River, p. 27. 

Here's an update on boats.   We've finalized the members of the Friday jon boat team which will be Stuart, Jack and Phil.  They will arrive at camp in the dark because Stuart doesn't even land until 4:00.    We'll make sure it's ready for nighttime travel and look forward to one of our favorite pastimes - watching from the campfire for the first sign of the floodlights bouncing off the valley walls, and then the Mule coming around the bend.  As I recall there was some wagering and some money changing hands related to that event as well.


Good timing for the new boat tags to arrive:


As far as canoes, this is how I think it will work out:

Skip - Bell
Rob H.  -  Dagger
Myers - Delta Dawn
Mullowney - Old Town
Rob C.  - Rob's Dagger
Vernon - Old Town
Josh and Pete F. - Grumman (Josh, we won't need your canoe on this trip unless you specifically want it)
Stuart, Jack and Phil in the Mule.

Josh gets out at the Totty's Bend Bridge on Saturday morning but will not take a canoe out, so Pete will paddle solo Saturday.  Myers, Rob H. and Phil will take the jon boat with a police escort to the Saturday night barbecue site.

On the last day, Jack and Stuart will take the jon boat out early, so we'll have two in one canoe again on Sunday with Phil.