Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tim Needs a Gunwalectomy

The wood trim on Tim's canoe is rotted out and needs replacing.  We picked up a set of vinyl gunwales in the northwoods this summer for him and are going to have a work day the afternoon of Saturday, October 26 if anybody else can join and knows how to use a rivet gun.

Practice saying it right before you show up:

Tim, you might be able to get over your Gunwale Dysfunction if you watch some "women's gunwale pumping," which would sound dirty even without the porno soundtrack...

We are anecdotally hearing things that make it sound like the Fall Trip will be well attended.    Both Robs and both Jims are coming.   Stuart is definitely in.  Pete F-ing F-man committed immediately upon hearing about the whole hog.   Phil is in.  Vernon is in.   Fox and Josh May are in for Friday but will paddle out Saturday morning in their tuxedos for the Library Gala.  Ian said he was "dithering" but may have spent too much time "faffing about" to make this trip (direct quotes, of course).   Cronin is in.   Promising rumors of Greg L coming in from Vancouver.  Don't know about Kirk or Brother Jack.  Bob just said "That's my birthday" and we don't know if that means he's definitely coming or definitely not coming.   Ask for clarification here:

Speaking of the whole hog, Jim says he has selected the animal for our Saturday night dinner and he will be delivered November 5.   But he refused requests for a photo, thinking we would get too attached if we saw young Wilbur "blinking on the hoof."  

Artist's rendering: