Thursday, October 24, 2013

Members Report

Vernon says he would run through a wall for the RRCC, and he proved it when he delivered the trailer this week.
 So Josh, get out the check book.   The Work Day Saturday for Tim's gunwales has now been elevated from "optional" to "highly encouraged to attend."   Meet in Tim's garage at 2:00.  
"I've been to a lot of parties in my time and I've ROCKED SOLID at every one of them!   We're not going to let a little fence breakin' down get in the way of our fun."
Owensboro High School, circa 1987.
 And here's Stuart, also ready to do some damage on the road: 

Where have we seen this before?
 "No end, no end to the stories."

Goodbye to a River, p. 65.

All of the jon boat tickets have been sold at this point.   Jack, Phil and Stuart will be bringing it down the river sometime Friday afternoon because of their work schedules, and the whole kitchen crew of Jim, Phil and Rob will leave early Saturday morning to set up the barbecue pit at the second site.  That means Phil will probably never have a paddle in his hand the whole trip, which works out fine for everyone involved. 

Do not forget to pick out your passages of The Book for campfire reading.  Also plan ahead for your personal mess kits:  plate, cup(s), utensils.  The Club no longer provides those.   And also remember the no disposable water bottles rule.   Two weeks out so you have plenty of notice for all of the above.