Monday, October 21, 2013

Planning Ahead

You should plan your schedule for a full day of RRCCing Friday the 8th.   We won't leave crazy early but we will leave more or less first thing.   It's not a long paddle (less than six miles) but sunset is at 4:48 (!) which is a reminder why we traditionally go the last weekend before Daylight Savings.  It just didn't work out that way this year.

We can make the Green Mule available for her original purpose, in addition to carrying the pig, which is to bring any late-arrivers down on Friday.   For that matter, anybody can put a canoe in at any time and join us Friday afternoon on their own schedule.  It's not like you're going to paddle past our camp.  Jim has already said he may come late and Stuart may do that also. 

Although our last day is not rigorous, it will take longer than our usual Sundays.  It's about five miles to the take-out and there won't be much current.   But the main reason Sunday we will be slow is because we'll need to make a ceremonial stop at the mouth of Big Swan Creek.

All Spring 2011 survivors will gather for a photograph, and we'll hang a mini-keg from the tripod and build an afternoon tea fire to gather around and tell war stories.   Maybe go dummy that crazy old landowner like Sam Sowell.