Tuesday, October 04, 2016

#3 and #4. Two Nights / Twice Per Year

Here's the thing.  All these beloved pieces of gear aren't worth much if they're not being used.   Our canoe trailer is nowhere near as sexy sitting in someone's driveway in Green Hills.  You cannot, by definition, have a tradition if you don't go out and do it repeatedly.  

The only thing that really matters is getting together, getting out of town, and getting on a river.  So it did not take us long at all to figure out that a year was too long to wait for the next one and we soon added a fall trip.   Later we started leaving on Friday afternoon and spending the first night somewhere locally near the put-in.   Now the extra night is almost always on the river.   At some point we looked up and we had doubled, then quadrupled, our paddling and camping time and what could be better than that. 

Since it's the adventure itself that really matter, here's a thumbnail tour of all 24 Rebel Rivers Canoe Club trips so far.  They represent 375 miles of paddling, roughly 900 riverman days on the water, and 600 riverman nights in tents.  We're still running the numbers on cans of beer and sticks of butter. 

Spring 2004, Stones River

Spring 2005, Duck River

Fall 2005, Duck River

Spring 2006, Piney River

Fall 2006, Elk River

Spring 2007, Green River

Fall 2007, Lower Buffalo River

Spring 2008, Dale Hollow Lake

Fall 2008, Sequatchie River

Spring 2009, Chicago River

Fall 2009, Yellow Creek

Spring 2010, Upper Buffalo River

Fall 2010, Eleven Point River

Spring 2011, Big Swan Creek

Fall 2011, Duck River

Spring 2012, Current River

Fall 2012, Duck River

Spring 2013, Upper Duck River

Fall 2013, Lower Duck River

Spring 2014, Red River

Fall 2014, Piney River

Spring 2015, Buffalo River

Fall 2015, Buffalo River

Spring 2016, Duck River

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