Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Since this is our first three-nighter there are some things to think about before getting on the river.

Ice is #1.   There will be no opportunity to replenish along the river so you should take some extra steps to try to preserve it.  The main thing is to pre-chill your beer.  Surely you know that - it doesn't make any sense to use the same ice you want to last for four days on the river to cool down warm beer.   You should also pre-chill the cooler itself.  If you ice everything down in the cooler a day ahead of time then replenish on the way to the river you can accomplish both. 

Loading of boats.  We have more gear than usual (scary to think about) so let's take it slow at the put-in and pack the boats intentionally.  That will help get the canoes trimmed right from the beginning and will avoid having any duplication of gear.   We'll have a very nice launching situation with a drive-down gravel bar and good weather so let's take our time. 

The good weather will not last, however, so pack for rain on Friday and Saturday.    Thank goodness.  It would have been terrible if our 25th trip wasn't "one you remember." 

See you at the put-in.   Under my feet, baby, the grass is growin'. 

It's time to move on, time to get goin'.   

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Dog of the South said...

I need to make room on my full social calendar, do you have dates yet for the winter trip?