Monday, October 10, 2016

Trip Week Details

Ok, here we go!

Canoes are loaded and every spot on the trailer is taken and then some.  

We have 13 rivermen going and here are the canoe assignments 

Rob H:   Dagger  (trailer)
Skip:  Bell  (trailer)
Tim:  own boat  (trailer)
Mullowney:  own boat (will bring to river)
Cronin:  own boat (trailer)
Myers:  Delta Dawn (Mullowney will bring to river)
Chris Sands:  own boat (will bring to river)
Vernon:  Grumman (trailer)
Phil:   borrowed canoe (will bring to river)
Stuart:  Josh's canoe first two days (trailer)
Josh:  own boat when joins on Friday
Roy:  Folbot (trailer)
Pete Feldman:  own boat (trailer)

We should have good carrying capacity for gear because we'll have so many solo canoes.   We will only have one tandem starting late Friday afternoon when Josh joins us.   Notice Pete Feldman is listed under "own boat."   He obtained that status as of this morning when we picked up his brand new used Old Town in Madison, Alabama.   That's quite a commitment for someone who doesn't even live here.

We are planning to depart my driveway at 8:00 am Thursday.  However, a lot of people are making their own way.   If you're planning on driving separately, it's a 90-minute drive so accounting for ice stops, etc. meet at the put-in at 10:00 am.   Here's what I currently understand to be the logistics for getting to the river:

Skip, Phil, Roy and Mike:  leave at 8:00 am with canoe trailer
Rob H.  - will join the caravan on our way out west
Tim will pick up Stuart at airport and will join us later at the put-in when they're 100% sure all the work is done
Myers, Mullowney, Vernon, Chris Sands will meet separately at the put-in at 10:00 am
Pete Feldman will be camping in a rental car somewhere south of us but within range to meet at the put-in late morning
Josh will join us on Friday at a downstream bridge


Take I-40 West to Loretta Lynn's Kitchen
Take Hwy. 13 south 22 miles to Linden, Tennessee

That's it.  The put-in is right in downtown Linden under the "Old State Hwy. 13" bridge which is also South Mill St.    Just turn left on Mill Street after Hens & Hogs BBQ and you'll come to the bridge in a quarter mile or so.  There is a large, driveable gravel bar on the downstream side of the bridge.   That's our put-in.   Here's the map (note there are two bridges in Linden so don't go to the wrong one):

Our river miles each day are:

4 miles - Thursday
9 miles - Friday
9 miles - Saturday
2 miles - Sunday

Josh will join us at the County Road 438 bridge Friday at 3:00 pm which is about 6 miles into our 9 mile float that day.   There is no real access there so Josh will either be bushwhacking or be the first Jew to talk his way into the Perry County Country Club next door.  

Our take-out will be at Buffalo River Resort at another Highway 13 bridge 24 miles downstream. 

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