Monday, October 03, 2016

#5. The Canoe Trailer

Our blue canoe trailer is sexy as hell.  There is not one thing that should be changed about it.  It is the greatest canoe trailer on (or off) the road and is the best and most expensive one you can buy in this size, which is also perfect. 

Before we got it, we were just a bunch of guys that went canoeing.  Now when you see us coming you know we are a Canoe Club.   And the act of hitching it to a truck the morning of a departure is like a starting gun going off.   Before:  you're just getting ready.  After it's hitched up:  you're on a damn canoe trip.  

That may also be why we are slow to unhitch it at the end - because we don't want the trip to be over.  That, and the fact that we just like driving around town with it.  It's been through school hook up lines,  drive-thru restaurants, airport arrivals, airport departures, half a dozen states, and of course every country road shuttle, boat ramp and gravel bar put-in anywhere in middle Tennessee.   Not to mention every gravel parking lot of every roadhouse bar.







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