Sunday, October 08, 2017

New Faces

A few years back we got smart and started planning the fall trip just before daylight savings started.  That worked great but who set the clocks forward a month?   Hard to believe we are less than two weeks from launching.  Which is one week from frenzied packing, and negative weeks from essential pre-trip activities like menu planning and map gazing and gear maintenance.   Vernon, bring that trailer in your very next trip to town. 

We've got some introductions to make. 

First, Dave Coviello will be joining us for his first RRCC trip this fall.  We rolled out a big marketing campaign for the announcement you may have seen around town.

He is a friend of Rob's from college days and a card carrying member of the Can't Hardly Playboys once a month jam band with us.  He's got lots of river experience and access to a canoe which is important because he's left-handed and will need to bring his own left-handed guitar and left-handed river banjo.  We'll also need to restring the washtub bass for him. 

John Clack is a new Business Associate of the RRCC.   We have reached an agreement with John where he gets use of the Green Mule during the offseasons (i.e. year round) in exchange for storing it at his house and bringing me the occasional catfish.   John is also my garbage man.

In trip business:   of the two options described previously, we are going to do the shorter float.   So 16 miles in parts of three days will look something like 5-8-3 or some variation of that.  On Friday we can expect to be on the river at noon or a little after then have 2.5 hours of paddle time (which is not the same thing as travel time from put-in to camp - that could be much longer as we all know).  Cooks we could do Proud Mary either night or both with this schedule.    Also, for meal planing purposes we will use The Swedish Torch to cook lunch on Saturday, although it might be a good idea to do a test fire on Friday while the shuttle is being run.   Head count looks like about 10 right now.  Plus or minus 5. 

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